Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Moving Forward

First off, I want to again thank everyone for the outpouring of prayers, positive energy, and just keeping us in your thoughts! It has been such a huge part of all of this to know that there is so much love behind Ainsley and her journey.

So, yesterday was Ainsley's big day to warm on up! Initially they had told us to expect it to take approximately 6 to 7 hours, and that this was going to be a slow process. Ainsley ended up taking a bit longer and wasn't finished warming for about 10 hours. She handled that warming like a boss! One of the nurses actually told us that warming at a slower pace can actually be better for Ainsley because it puts less stress and strain on her body. She hasn't had any issues while warming and continues to remain in stable condition. Some of the concerns now pertain to her "blood gas" and the percent of certain things in her blood. She is constantly making progress on regulating her electrolytes and metabolism. She continues to need the assistance of the ventilator to breathe, but has shown a strong desire to breathe on her own. They are gradually lowering the amount of Nitric Oxide that is being administered into her breathing mix. Once her electrolytes are consistently observed being at appropriate levels, and her blood gases are satisfactory, it is more likely that she will be given the chance to breathe without the assistance of the ventilator. This post is going to be kind of short today, but wanted to make sure everyone knew that Ainsley has made is through the warming process successfully. Thanks again for all of the support and love and I will continue to update as often as I can!

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