Sunday, September 2, 2012


Ainsley Beatrix Ward....I will always love saying it, thinking it or hearing that beautiful name spoken .  We now have pictures up around the house to continue to look at and be reminded of the love given to and received from Ainsley. Ainsley Beatrix Ward left us on the afternoon of August 28, 2012.  Things had moved fast the past couple of days concerning Ainsley's condition and her ability to hang in there, even with the great measures that were being taken to assist her in carrying on. However, she did not pass away breathing the same dry air of the hospital, having little to smell, and only the sounds of voices and alarms to make up her world. She was able to be in our arms, breathe fresh mountain air, have the sun kiss her face, and listen to the sounds of crickets chirping and leaves moving in a slight breeze. Ginnie and I have never known the love we have experienced with Ainsley, and possibly may not again. She will always remain perfect to us and we will dearly miss her beauty, strength, love, and just her presence.

I know I've said it before, but we are blessed to live close to Mission Hospital. The doctors and nurses of our hospital here in Asheville are some of the most superb human beings I have had the pleasure of meeting in my short life. Without them, we may have never even gotten the opportunity to know our daughter for the 25 days that we did, and they have been beautiful to us and Ainsley every step of the way.

Much love and thanks to everyone who has sent their prayers, positive thoughts and energy, and just supported us throughout the past month. We love you all!