Thursday, August 9, 2012

Causing Mischief and Puttin' Her Feet Up

Another fun filled day of watching Ainsley move even more than yesterday!  Today she would move often, and without the provocation of a touch or squeeze of the knee. Many times she was moving all of her limbs within the same little session. Although, while practicing her movements she did get into a little trouble with the nurses. : )  She really enjoyed lifting her right arm up to rest beside her head, and each time she did she would mess up the monitoring IV/wire for her blood pressure on that arm, causing beeps. This beeping would in turn provoke a nurse to run over to check her vitals, only to find that she had just bent up her wires. Every time a nurse placed her arm back by her side she just wanted to pick it up. : ) Eventually, the nurses just placed her arm under her breathing tubes, comfortably, and her fun was thwarted. She also enjoyed stretching her legs out some today, and getting quite comfortable by utilizing her breathing tubes as a nice footrest.

If you happen to see the bright yellow disc on her ear, that is to keep her from getting over stimulated. She was also rubbing her hand against these at times and pushing them off. : )  It was a great day of watching our little girl become more active. Some more exciting information from today is that her Nitric-Oxide has been lowered another point unexpectedly, will most likely be lowered another point tomorrow, and the Doctor on the floor today stated that he would like to see her receiving NO Nitric-Oxide by the end of the day tomorrow. Also, she may have the amount of ventilator use reduced.  With all of these positives, it was also great to have some of our bestest friends Jared, Katie, and Jonas Brush visit with us today. We actually have to thank Katie over and over again for being such a huge support and starting a meal train, which has been immensely appreciated and helpful! On top of all that, another good friend has gone into labor downstairs and could have her new baby boy by then end of the night! Well, kinda tired tonight, and I'm feeling like I just kinda threw all of this up really fast and I hope it made sense. 'Night everyone and hopefully I'll have even more progress to speak of tomorrow!

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